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David Booth on Professional Advice

Tuesday, 07 May 2019

Dimensional founder David Booth shares his perspective on the value of professional advice. In an uncertain world, the right financial advisor can help you determine the best overall investment approach.

Tuning Out the Noise

Tuesday, 07 May 2019

At Dimensional, we believe that the right financial advisor plays a vital role in keeping investors focused on what really matters.

Passive Investing The Evidence the Fund Management Industry Would Prefer You Not to See

Tuesday, 09 April 2019

A remarkable 54-minute film featuring some of the world's top economists and academics and demonstrating:

  • how the claims of active fund managers to be able to beat the market are largely a myth
  • how costs are the biggest drag on performance
  • and why active costs more
  • how passive investing offers the best experience for the vast majority of investors
  • the benefits of a diversified portfolio in guaranteeing consistent returns
  • why passive investing is better for your health
  • why active investing has held sway for so many years
  • why things may be changing
  • why passive is the rational, mathematically proven route to investing success.


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