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The outcome of financial planning must deliver real help fast. The traditional 25-page financial planning report format of - analysis, diagnosis and recommendations does not get us there.  Planning needs to recognize that the situation can be messy and there is not one problem to solve only a set of concerns that may be all over the map.  We deliver to our clients’ real help fast, a series of interventions that the client can implement and adapt to the changing environment, and not a master plan.  

We believe in simplifying your financial life, making what can sometimes be confusing, clear, so you can make better decisions and see immediate and long-term progress.  We use a tool that helps you visualize and organizes your financial life on one page. With an intuitive mind map-like diagramming, you can understand and see your financial picture like never before and make informed decisions about your financial future.  We call this your Asset-Map. 

It is more than just a picture of your current financial life because as we create your financial picture, we also gather important financial planning data so we can create a pathway to your financial goals, by answering three questions:

    1. What do you have?

    2. What do you want? and

    3. What does this mean?

Our financial planning approach creates for our clients - clarity and confidence, a sense of control and peace of mind, purpose and direction, alignment with your partner, energy, vigor and optimism, and health and well-being. Along with the quantitative outcome - cash flow needs, debt management, adequate retirement savings, smart investment allocation and diversification, adequate risk protection, a legacy plan, major purchases and sales, adequate college funding, and adequate reserves.

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